Your Refinished Basement Choices

Your Refinished Basement Choices

Refinishing a basement is a big job, but when you’re done, it will feel like you’ve built onto your home. What can you use that refinished basement for, though? The sky really is the limit! Here are some of the most popular basement choices, along with considerations you have to keep in mind for each of them:

The Wine Cellar

If you love to collect wines, refinishing your basement to create a wine cellar might be the ideal choice for your house. A wine cellar actually doesn’t require tons of work in terms of refinishing. After all, people began keeping wine in cellars in the first place because it was naturally cool, dark, and damp.

You do need to make sure that the basement you create can keep temperatures regulated, however. Although wine loves a cool place to relax, it does not like temperature that changes greatly, and your wine shouldn’t be cold. You also should purchase or build storage so that the wine bottles you collect can be stored on their sides to keep the cork wet. Wine cellars should be dark, so you don’t need a ton of additional lighting.

A Home Theatre

Basements can be turned into awesome home theatres because they usually lack windows, or at least have very small windows that can be easily covered. If you’re going to create a home theatre, you might want to consider stadium seating, which requires you to build an upper platform for the second row of chairs or couches.

While you’re renovating, you may also want to run wires for surround sound speakers so that they can be placed inside the walls, out of site. In addition, you may want to create a “control room” set up, so that your equipment is housed in a closet rather than out in the open.

A Game Room

Many homeowners choose to create a multi-purpose game room for entertaining in their basements. This kind of room will probably have some home theatre elements, but you’ll also want to adequate lighting for playing cards, pool, and other games. You may want to purchase some gaming chairs to sit on the floor if you intend to hook up video games.

When building your game room, you may want to build a bar into your design. You can purchase bars in kits, but often, a cheaper option is simply to purchase the plans and do it yourself or have your contractor do it for you. Even if you don’t drink, a bar is a great addition to a game room, because it gives you a bit of counter space for food and beverages.


Some people just want their basement to act as a storage facility. You should still consider finishing the basement though, so that you can store temperature-sensitive items and avoid water damage. No matter how you refinish your basement, starting with a waterproofing process is a good idea. Otherwise, all the work you put into you basement will go to waste.

When you refinish your basement for storage purposes, go the extra step and build shelving into the walls. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy additional shelves, and you’ll probably want to connect them to the wall so they are sturdy enough. When building shelves, make sure that they’re big enough to hold items, yet not too deep so that you can’t reach things that get pushed to the back.

A Guest Bedroom

You can turn your basement into a guest suite quite easily. Basically, for a functional guest suite, you just need space for sleeping and a bathroom. When determining placement for the bathroom, look at where the pipe are already running. Usually, the best option is to put the bathroom right below where there are bathrooms or a kitchen on the first floor.

When you’re creating a guest bedroom from a basement, temperature control is very important, so you probably want to add extra insulation and may even want to reconfigure your heating system, depending on how the set up is. Think about the space as you would you own bedroom. What would you want? For example, do you need to install outlets? Is there enough light? Is the floor cushioned enough?

If you don’t want to create a full guest suite, you can at least create a family room out of the basement and include a hide-away bed or futon so that guests do have a place to stay when they need to spend the night. When you don’t have guests, though, you can still use the room.

Other Options

There are, of course, tons of other options for your basement, should you decide to refinish it. You can use it for your favorite hobby so that you have a space away from the rest of the house. You can turn it into special storage for items that are fragile or otherwise sensitive. Refinished basements can double your living space, for much less money than you’d need to build onto your house. Find a great contractor to help you, and you’ll get years of use you with the work of your new basement.

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